About Us

Allsop Family Hello, my name is Kendra Allsop.  I am originally from Northern Ontario in Canada. I have loved to design and create since I was a kid. I now live in Ottawa, Ontario with my husband and two little boys.

We love coming up with original Ideas! You saw it here first! "Mr.Broke it/Little Miss Broke it". My kids, husband as well as the rest of my family are my inspiration! Most of my ideas come to me in the shower or as I am falling asleep at night, then I write them in my phone and work on them when I get a chance (Mostly when the little ones are sleeping, or having fun being creative themselves with playdough)

Before Kennie Blossoms (name inspired by Big Bang Theory, recall the episode where the guys help Penny with her "Penny Blossoms" business) I owned a small business making wedding invitations, but it was impossible to keep that business going while staying at home with 2 very little ones. But then I realized I should stick to my specialty which is graphic design, and I really enjoy coming up with new designs, especially those that make everyone laugh. We partner with a few reputable companies in the United States to print our designs, this allows us to offer a wide variety of colors and products, as well as faster production time. It also allows for faster shipping as they are in the States where the majority of our customers come from. (I am Canadian. They also do a great job of shipping worldwide, and I work closely with them to make sure my clients are taken care of.)

We offer a 100% guarantee on or products.