About Us

Allsop Family Hello, my name is Kendra Allsop.  I am originally from Northern Ontario in Canada. I have loved to design and create since I was a kid. I now live in Ottawa, Ontario with my husband and two little boys.

We love coming up with original Ideas! You saw it here first! "Mr.Broke it/Little Miss Broke it". My kids, husband as well as the rest of my family are my inspiration! Most of my ideas come to me in the shower or as I am falling asleep at night, then I write them in my phone and work on them when I get a chance (Mostly when the little ones are sleeping, or having fun being creative themselves with playdough)

Before Kennie B Styles I owned a small business making wedding invitations, but it was impossible to keep that business going while staying at home with 2 little ones. But then I realized I should stick to my specialty which is graphic design, and I really enjoy coming up with new designs, especially those that make everyone laugh.